PT. Talc Indonesia


Specializes in manufacturing talc powder, ranging from 325 mesh until 2500 mesh. Not only talc powder, PT Talc Indonesia also produces mica and sericite. Located in Java Island, Indonesia, and established in 2006, PT Talc Indonesia is certified with ISO 9001- 2008 and Halal Certification.  PT Talc Indonesia selected PT Talc Powder Industri as it’s talcum powder producer.

Our talc grades ranging from medium grade to high grade for various purposes, such as Food, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical , Other Industry, and even for surface treatment. Registered as Halal products and registered by ISO.


PT Talc Indonesia has 2 certifications:

  1. Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Standards (Certificate no: JKT6008864).
  2. HALAL Certification (Rank A) based from Majelis Ulama Indonesia (The Indonesian Council of Ulama) with Certificate Number 00170060780312.
  1. View HALAL Assurance System Status of PT TALC INDONESIA (Rank A)
  2. View HALAL Certificate of PT TALC INDONESIA (2018)

PT Talc Indonesia serves different wide of products with various specifications to suit customer’s various and specific needs. Aside from talc, PT Talc Indonesia provides mica and sericite as well. For detailed information, please send us an inquiry.

Talc is natural stone from mine product of magnesium silicate. We produce some grade and kinds in accordance with the market demand. Before processing to be in powder form, the Talc lump must be selected and sorted.

For pharmaceutical and cosmetic talc, we have to follow the USP standard. The parameter standard of pharmaceutical and cosmetic is in the catalog. To mill, we use some kinds of milling machine, such as Roll Mill, Impact Mill and Jet Mill System. It’s our commitment that we always keep the quality and best service for all of our customers.

We also produce customized product as per customer’s requirements. PT Talc Indonesia also produces mica and sericite.